Sustainable Living

As the way we live is constantly evolving, so too is Meriton.

Meriton is striving to learn and develop new ways to minimise its carbon footprint within the community. Today Meriton developments are high above industry standards and continue to exceed expectations.

Meriton is proud to be a platinum partner of Livable Housing Australia, an organisation which partners between community and consumer groups, government, and industry to champion the mainstream adoption of livable housing design principles in all new homes built in Australia.

By working closely with councils, government and suppliers, Meriton is able to offer luxurious yet sustainable apartment living, so residents enjoy reduced utility costs and a clear conscience.

All Meriton developments comply with Australia’s NatHERS, BASIX and Ecologically Sustainable Development principles, including features such as:

  • Energy efficient lighting and appliances
  • Water saving fixtures and fittings
  • Rain/storm water harvesting
  • Rooftop solar panels
  • Cycle ways and walking tracks

Meriton proudly invests in the environment, through regeneration of native flora and remediation of areas previously contaminated. These initiatives help to keep Meriton residents in harmony with the environment.

Meriton continues looking to the future to make long-term commitments that better serve the interests of residents and their community.


Meriton also strives to be environmentally responsible in its own working environment; through recycling initiatives as well as ordering eco-friendly, biodegradable and recycled office supplies where possible.

Meriton is proud to work with suppliers BioPak, Eco Office, Hero PrintFuji Xerox and environmental consultants Efficient Living.