Stunning Views Leave Craig Feeling On Top Of The World; The Height Of Fashion


Stunning views leave Craig feeling on top of the world

Gazing out across the harbour from his apartment on the 59th floor of Sydney’s tallest residential building, World Tower, Craig Stewart says he could never have imagined he would enjoy living such a high life.

Growing up in a 100-year-old house on half an acre in the Blue Mountains, life in a 73-level, 230-metre-high skyscraper is its polar opposite.

”It’s as different as you can get, but it’s great,” says Stewart, 57, who has run his own business importing electric bicycles. ”I love the view and the way every morning the sunrise beams in through the glass and then you can see the moon’s path across the harbour and ocean in the evening.

”I love the views, the central location and the staff are wonderful. I park my car downstairs and then get around the city on my electric bike, which is perfect. You can ride all along the waterfront.”

Stewart moved to Meriton’s 2004 World Tower 2Î_ years ago, first living on the top floor, in a serviced apartment. He loved it so much, he’s now moved to a two-bed-plus-study apartment in the residential part of the building.

”You expect a building of this height to sway but I’ve never felt that,” he says.

”But I love watching the storms over Sydney; at times you can see up to five different storms at once and sometimes a double rainbow.”

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