7 Must-Haves for Contemporary Apartment Living

So you’ve bought or rented an apartment – but how do you make it a home? Ultimately, it’s the décor that transforms your property into a space you can truly call your own, with a unique look and feel that best suits you.

Your apartment’s décor should reflect your personal style but there are a few must-haves that will ensure your home is stylish, comfortable and always inspiring.

Meriton’s  interior design specialist, Nicole Sullivan has provided the following 7 must-haves for sophisticated apartment living on any budget.

1. Careful with the colour scheme!

Focus on building a base of neutrals with your main pieces of furniture, such as the couch, dining table, dining chairs and coffee table. These are your most expensive items and therefore not easily replaced, so keep to subtle colours and classic contemporary styles that will stand the test of time.

Colour-wise, think subtle greys, browns, beiges and whites for couches and modern shades of timber and/or metal for the dining table, dining chairs and coffee table.

Complementary pops of colour are great but limit them to smaller accessories, such as cushions and throws. These are the inexpensive items that you can change whenever the mood takes you without breaking the bank!

2. Use the couch as the central feature


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The focal point of any living room is the couch. Everything else in your living room should be built around it, so this particular purchase deserves a lot of thought.

Currently, soft textured fabrics are in, so consider one-toned or pattern-weaved materials. We recommend subtle earth tone shades for a sophisticated look and a great base for accent colours.

3. Coffee table provides balance


Your coffee table obviously has an important functional purpose but can also be used style-wise to contrast and help balance out the look of your couch.

If you’d like the table to be a feature of the room, opt for a solid design with a decent sized footprint. Small tables can look out of place in a large living space, so balance the proportion of the table to your couch.

For a high-end look, a marble coffee table with brass legs will elevate the style of your lounge room.

4. Keep practicality in mind with your dining table


The top consideration when buying a dining table is choosing a user-friendly finish that won’t require constant protection and maintenance.

Timber can take all sorts of wear and tear and always looks great, so this is an ideal choice. Surfaces such as glass and stone are more durable but you need to exercise good taste in your selection.

5. Soften the space with rugs



Rugs are a great way of softening a room and defining space, which is particularly important in open plan lounge and dining areas.

Choose a plush, soft rug to bring comfort and warmth to your design. Always go for a large size rug as it will give the impression of greater space. Small rugs can lose their impact very easily.

Rugs should be positioned in accordance with the size of the room. In a smaller area, the rug should sit in front of the couch with a strip of floor showing, which gives the perspective of a bigger room.

In a larger space, the rug should be placed under the front legs of the couch to create a cosy feel.

6. Wall pieces add interest


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Mirrors are essential in small rooms, mainly because they reflect light and enhance the sense of space.

Keep the number of mirrors to a minimum but go big with every one of them!

The ideal placement is opposite windows to maximise natural light and provide a second reflection of beautiful views.

We also recommend artwork to personalise your home. Pieces such as canvas, pop-up and abstract artwork add interest, colour and a chic look. Larger formats will provide the best visual impact.

Importantly, your selection of artwork is very personal so take your time in finding the right piece. Artwork choices are often emotional – you’ll know the right one when you see it!

7. Minimise window coverings


Keep window coverings to a minimum to maximise natural light and create the illusion of more space.

High rise apartments often do not need window coverings in the main living areas as privacy is already provided by the height of the building, so consider keeping these windows and balcony doors bare.

In rooms that require window coverings, consider plantation shutters, soft fabric venetians or roman blinds in a subtle neutral colour.

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