Harry Triguboff: Buying from Meriton means unparalleled security and peace of mind

Meriton Founder and Managing Director Harry Triguboff says the level of security and peace of mind that Meriton purchasers enjoy is “unparalleled”, which is backed by Meriton undisputed 60-year track record and 100% construction completion record which is second to none.

“Purchasers buy units from us at fixed prices and we deliver on our contractual obligations regardless of construction cost escalation. Our long history with our sub-contractors also ensures we have the labour force to start, but more importantly finish what we promise our buyers. Unfortunately, not many others can afford to do this, and this was recently highlighted in the house and land sector recently where fixed build costs promised 12 -18 months ago could not be honored today. “ Says Mr. Triguboff.

What also makes buying from Meriton unique, as Mr. Triguboff points out, is the developer’s 60-year history and the proud 100% completion record, “Meriton has been successfully developing and building for 60 years, and we have always delivered what purchasers are looking for. And for them, it’s always seamless and risk-free.”

On top of that, Meriton works hard to offer its purchasers a low-cost fixed-rate mortgage, subject to approval, ensuring buyers feel secure that they will be able to finance upon completion. Since the RBA rate hike, the number of purchasers who applied for Meriton Property Finance has already picked up by 20%, “Most of our buyers don’t require our finance but for those who do, it’s always available and stress-free. We are extremely proud to have helped thousands of Australians secure their dream home through Meriton Property Finance and it is very rewarding to see all of them pay off their homes or re-finance when the time comes. ”

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