Harrys Bible

Harry Triguboff, Australia’s apartments pacesetter, has brought out a buyers’ bible to show aspiring property owners that the route to home ownership is simple.

The Meriton group founder yesterday said that a never-ending barrage of reports about the property market was leaving would-be buyers ‘utterly confused.’

He said the result was that they sat on the sidelines while the market moved forward, thus making their ownership dreams even harder to achieve.

“They’re scared to step up and buy because they think the process, with all the talk about stamp duty, interest rates and the state of the market, is just too hard for them.

“Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Buying an apartment off-the-plan is just like crossing the road – it involves set steps that virtually never change.

“Buyers tread the same tried, true and uncomplicated path that has existed for decades, one that takes them from signing a contract to settlement and the full joys of ownership.

“We’ve decided we have to lay that simplicity before people so they can have the confidence to move forward.

“They need to know that buying is a stress-free exercise that thousands of people go through every month.

“It’s far from a nightmare and the end result can bring immense happiness and satisfaction.”

Mr Triguboff said Meriton’s 12-page buyers’ bible was being put on the Meriton website and was intended to be easy-reading for both Australian and offshore buyers.

He said it had been inspired by the feedback Meriton, which builds nearly 2000 apartments a year, was getting via the sales suites at its projects across Sydney.”

“Lately we’ve had endless press about stamp-duty, surcharges, bank lending rules, negative gearing and all sorts of other property matters.

“It’s no wonder that buyers, especially those in the first-home category, get the jitters when they even contemplate entering the market.”

Mr Triguboff said Meriton was sure that once buyers understood the transparent ‘mechanics’ of buying a property, they would not shy off entering the market.

“In terms of timing, the Sydney market is offering them plenty of scope.

“We are, in my view, heading for a shortage of new apartments and that means demand from both owner-occupiers and investors will be hard to satisfy.

“The follow-on from that is that rents, which have gone up by 4 per cent in the past year or so, will remain solid.”

Mr Triguboff said Meriton’s buyers’ bible was an addition to the ‘layers’ of reassurance that the company already offered its buyers.

“Those layers include an absolute assurance that we will deliver what they buy – we’ve built more than 75,000 apartments and never have not completed a project.

“We go a lot further too, in that Meriton can help with financing, guarantee tenants from day one, and manage the apartments and buildings, thus yielding absolute control over standards.

“Meriton is not here today, gone tomorrow developer.

“We were here in the last century, we’re here in this century, and we might well be here in the next one.”

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