Harry foresees signs of life in a time of uncertainty

Australia’s largest residential property developer and hotelier, Meriton, has continued moving forward in times of uncertainty with sustained activity over the past...

Harry’s Ocean is to look down on ‘rivals’

Harry’s Ocean is to look down on ‘rivals’ HARRY Triguboff, after 40 years of developing high-rises on the Gold Coast, is heading...

Harry Triguboff Australian billionaire real estate property developer, is one of Australia's richest people. He is the founder and managing director of Meriton.
Market’s springing to life

HARRY Triguboff, Australia’s biggest developer of apartments, says over 200 sales in Sydney in five weeks by his Meriton group prove the...

Triguboff’s strata amalgamation a first for Meriton

DEVELOPER Harry Triguboff has made his first strata-unit site amalgamation in his 56-year career, buying out 60 owners at Macquarie Park. The...

Meriton’s latest Zetland foray gets tick of approval

The Meriton group has won planning approval for a three-building mixed-use venture on an $85 million site within Zetland's giant Green Square...

Owner’s price hopes trounced

A SUITE of Thornleigh offices bought from the Meriton group by an offshore Chinese investor nine years ago has sold for $2.45...

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