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Make Your Super Work For You

Buy property using your Super today! Be in control of your own Super by investing in a Meriton Apartment.

As a result of legislative changes to Superannuation Law, as long as you comply with the Rules of creating a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF), you can now borrow to purchase property directly via your own SMSF.

As property prices continue to soar, now is an opportune time to secure your financial future. Take advantage of high yields, low vacancy rates, and strong anticipated capital gains by purchasing a Meriton Apartment.

There are many advantages in your complying SMSF investing in a Meriton Apartment:

  • Paying off your investment property by using your employer’s super contribution, the rent received for the property plus salary sacrifice contributions;
  • Couples can combine their existing super balances into their own SMSF ultimately increasing their borrowing capacity;
  • The deposit required may be obtained from your current Superannuation Fund balance;
  • A “limited borrowing recourse arrangement” is entered into allowing the bank to recover the debt from the Superannuation Fund itself, not the individual or other funds;
  • No Capital Gains Tax is payable if the Meriton Apartment is sold in the “pension phase” from age 60;
  • Only 10% Capital Gains Tax payable on the Meriton Apartment sold by the SMSF held over 12 months;
  • Only 15% Tax when contributing to pay off the amount owing on your property through your SMSF, as opposed to your individual nominal rate of tax which can be up to 47%;
  • Invest in safer direct property than the volatile share market;
  • Investors using their super to invest in direct property have been vindicated as their return held up better than listed property during the financial turmoil.

Professional Advice

Managing your Superannuation Fund is a big responsibility. There are strict rules set out by the Australian Taxation Office which must be complied with in order to receive the abovementioned benefits.

Meriton Group advises that independent legal and financial advice in relation to your Superannuation should be obtained from qualified professionals in order to make the right decision.

For More Information

To help decide if an SMSF is right for you, visit: OR Email us and a Meriton Representative will contact you directly:

How to apply

Simply contact Meriton Property Finance or download the application form below. You must also download and read the Credit Guide before applying. Once your application form is complete, post your original application to Meriton Property Finance with $1500 and any supporting paperwork. You will receive a response within 2 business days.

  • Meriton assist clients looking to purchase a Meriton apartment by offering a low-cost mortgage loan.
  • Meriton combines a competitive interest rate with no valuations or valuation fees, no mortgage insurance, no brokerage fees and no early payout penalty fees.

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