Why buying an apartment makes sense?

So, you’ve decided to buy; here’s why buying an apartment could be your best option

Now we’ve explored some of the benefits of buying, the question is, should you choose a house or apartment? Here are some reasons why buying an apartment could be the smartest first step into the property market.

Convenient locations with minimal travel

Typically, houses are located within outer suburbs where land is more plentiful and sometimes cheaper. On the other hand, it’s easy to find spacious apartments that are more centrally located for social activities, recreational facilities, jobs and public transport connections. This makes apartments ideal for working professionals looking to shorten the daily commute in exchange for more free time.

Less work

Without a garden or outdoor space to take care of, apartments are so much easier to upkeep. Meanwhile, the interior design and layout of most modern apartments lends itself to a more minimalist way of living, which means less housework too. What’s more, less can go wrong when you don’t have four external walls, foundations and a roof to maintain.

Access to facilities

It’s not always possible for house owners to enjoy their own private gym, swimming pool, sauna or spa. But many apartment dwellers can! Buying an apartment in the right building could mean you’ll have ongoing access to private resort-style facilities for a healthier and enhanced lifestyle.

Enjoy an active urban lifestyle

Apartment living in our cities’ most bustling and thriving hotspots can bring an unrivalled sense of variety to life. When you have all the temptations of parks, shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, entertainment and so much more right on your doorstep, staying in is hardly an option (well, not all the time anyway!)

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