Meriton mega apartment sets record with $5.96m sale in Sydney’s west

Australia’s largest apartment developer has just negotiated a record price in Sydney’s west with the near $6m purchase of an off-the-plan amalgamated apartment at its 180 George Parramatta complex.

The buyer, a Sydneysider, has caught on to an emerging new trend, purchasing four units in one line in a bid to customise apartment interiors to include larger bedrooms, kitchens and ­living rooms.

The 180 George St complex being developed by billionaire Harry Triguboff’s Meriton Apartments is not due for completion until early 2023.

All up, three buyers from Sydney’s western suburbs as well as a fourth from Double Bay in the city’s east have purchased amalgamated apartments ranging from two to four units over the past few weeks.

The amalgamated apartment purchases ranged from $2.009m to $5.96m, breaking the record multiple times for the highest apartment price achieved in Parramatta and the Greater Western Sydney region. The units range in size from 140sq m to 463sq m in the 67-level 180 George tower.

Meriton national sales director James Sialepis said the buyer who forked out $5.96m had obtained a combined floor space of 460sq m in the process.

“To break the record for the highest priced apartment sold in the entire western Sydney is a phenomenal result,” he said.

“We are literally reconfiguring whole units into these house-like apartments,” Mr Sialepis said, adding that there was no separate charge from Meriton’s in-house architects and designers for the reconfiguring.

Mr Sialepis said demand for custom-designed mega apartments at the development had increased significantly in recent months as Meriton hit the halfway mark in construction.

The 67-level glass tower is the tallest residential building built in the region.

‘‘Our advantage is that Meriton is in a unique position as the developer and builder, therefore the process of design and build is quite seamless and risk free for the buyer,” Mr Sialepis said.

“Meriton’s in-house sales, interiors, construction and architectural teams have worked with the purchasers to amalgamate and customise exactly what they are looking for.”

He said it was rare to have an opportunity to customise your dream home almost 200m above ground. Meriton founder Mr Triguboff added that this was the new way of selling penthouses in the company’s tall apartment complexes.

One buyer of an amalgamated apartment is an international businessman who typically spends eight months of the year travelling and said he decided on an amalgamation of Meriton units because of the safety and security they offered.

“This is where I decided I must settle my home and build my family around it,” he said.

“I couldn’t get any stand-alone house as I know I will be abroad again so for safety and security I opted for a unit.”


This story originally appeared on The Australian

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