Property Development

In-house Expertise

Over 60 years, our in-house team has developed the very best in apartment living. We strive to provide market-leading communities that respond to local environments and capitalise on their prime locations.

Meriton meticulously controls all parts of the development process including site acquisition, design, construction, sales, marketing and interior design.

Strict site selection ensures that projects are located close to transport, education, employment and retail hubs.

Meriton’s town planners, engineers and architects work closely with councils and governments to develop award-winning, sustainable mixed-use developments.

Seamless integration of apartments, retail and commercial spaces create perfect living environments, with a strong connection to surrounding infrastructure.

From saw-tooth roofs to towering pillars of glass, Meriton apartments respond to their surrounds, creating projects that integrate with the community while standing tall as shining examples of exceptional design.